United Group’s pioneering presence in the power sector continues to serve the nation by contributing to our continuously growing power grid driving innovation and industrial growth. The journey began in 1997 as the first IPP and since then we have established power plants all across the nation.

1146 MW

Contributed to the National Grid

2137 MW

Development Portfolio


Power Plants

The Group is present in the entire power generation value chain including Engineering, Procurement & Construction (EPC), Operation & Maintenance (O&M), Fuel Supply Logistics, a private jetty on the banks of river Karnaphuli with more than 1,200 engineers in its ranks, serving the nation around the clock.

  • The first Independent Power Producer.
  • First Public-Private Partnership Joint Venture IPP project
  • 2,137 MW Development Portfolio through 17 Power Plants
  • The only conglomerate to provide end to end power solutions.
  • Pioneering Commercial IPP
  • Pioneering Combined Cyle Modular Power Plants
  • Only entity to supply electricity and steam for industrial use

Our power division is renowned as the most reliable developer of power plants in Bangladesh and we continue to be entrusted by the Government with constructing facilities at the most challenging locations and wherever there is need for electricity.

Message from CEO

Here at United Group’s Power Division, our focus has always been on proactively delivering pioneering solutions for Bangladesh, leveraging our position as the largest Bangladeshi power sector developer in the country.

Our journey began in 1997, starting with the first Independent Power Producer project, setting up the industry for private sector investors. Since then, we have been omnipresent in Bangladesh’s power sector, with a development portfolio of 2,137 Megawatts through 17 power plants.

We kept on delivering exemplary projects on time, with multiple first-of-its-kind power plants in Bangladesh. Our legacy includes setting up the first commercial power plant (energizing critical export processing industries in Savar and Chattogram), the first public private partnership power plant and establishing strategically important power plants in Jamalpur (from which the entire greater Mymensingh region is powered), amongst many more.

On the way, our efforts received global and local recognition from key stakeholders, while being financed by the likes of the World Bank, International Finance Corporation (IFC), Standard Chartered Bank, HSBC, Finnvera, etc. For example, “United Power” has the largest market capitalization (for Fuel & Power Category) in Dhaka Stock Exchange, another instance of the confidence entrusted onto us.

What sets us apart is our locally developed, in-house competencies. We have a power plant Engineering, Procurement & Construction company, and another power plant Operation & Maintenance company as direct subsidiaries – both the largest in Bangladesh in their respective categories. In addition, we have end-to-end Fuel Import, Supply & Logistics value chain through an in-house trading arm, multiple jetties & fuel oil tank terminals, along with own ocean-going & lighterage vessels and truck fleet.

Generating electricity reliably and doing it sustainably remains a key challenge for the power sector. United Group’s Power Division have always been at the forefront of taking challenges. At the country’s time of need, we implemented full scale power plants in 4-6 months at the remotest locations, introduced concepts like modular combined cycle technology and implemented combined power & steam generation for use by downstream businesses – all a part of our drive towards energy efficiency.

Looking ahead, we shall continue developing power generation solutions that the country needs, projects that are techno-commercially sound and benefit all stakeholders. Our current efforts are focused on high efficiency base load combined cycle power plants.

For the future, we are keenly looking into the renewables sector (solar and hydropower) and see ourselves growing organically with Bangladesh’s need for electricity growing with the graduation to Middle Income Country status. In parallel, our two-decade old mandate of developing and utilizing Bangladeshi human capital is set to go on.

Under the umbrella of United Group, we will continue to unite dreams for a better tomorrow.

Thanking you,

Moinul Islam Khan

Chief Executive Officer United Group’s Power Division


The Best Power Producer of 2018- UMPL

The Best Large IPP of 2016 – UAEL

Asian Power Awards 2015 (Bronze)

Asian Power Awards 2015 (Gold)

Asian Power Awards 2015 (Silver)


In 2007, United Power Generation & Distribution Co. Ltd. (formerly known as Malancha Holdings Ltd.) was born out of the necessity for ensuring uninterrupted,

  • Plant Name: UPGD DEPZ
  • Loc: Dhaka
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After successful commissioning of Dhaka EPZ plant, Malancha Holdings Ltd. (Later renamed to United Power Generation & Distribution Co. Ltd.) was awarded to operate another plant at Chattogram EPZ,

  • Plant Name: UPGD CEPZ
  • Loc: Chattogram
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Leviathan Global BD Ltd.

Bangladesh is number 2 in the world of exporting ready made garments industry.

  • Plant Name: Leviathan Global BD Ltd.
  • Loc: Chattogram
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United Anwara Power Ltd. (UAnPL)

UAnPL is by far our most ambitious completed project. It is one of the two biggest

  • Plant Name: United Anwara Power Ltd. (UAnPL)
  • Loc: Anwara
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United Ashuganj Energy Ltd. (UAEL)

UAEL is the first Joint Venture power plant project with the Government of Bangladesh located

  • Plant Name: United Ashuganj Energy Ltd. (UAEL)
  • Loc: Ashuganj

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United Ashuganj Power Ltd. (UAPL)

One of the country’s fastest power plants to come into operation is United Ashuganj Power Ltd.

  • Plant Name: United Ashuganj Power Ltd. (UAPL)
  • Loc: Ashuganj
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United Chattogram Power Ltd. (UCPL)

With experience in reciprocating engine power plants, United Group is moving towards a more

  • Plant Name: United Chattogram Power Ltd. (UCPL)
  • Loc: Anwara
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United Energy ltd. (UEL)

United Energy Ltd. (Formally known as Shahjahanullah Power Generation Company Ltd.)

  • Plant Name: United Energy Ltd. (UEL)
  • Loc: Sylhet
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United Jamalpur Power Ltd. (UJPL)

With experience gained from commissioning UMPL in record time, our next venture UJPL in another

  • Plant Name: United Jamalpur Power Ltd. (UJPL)
  • Loc: Jamalpur
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KPCL began its Commercial Operation with Unit I on October 12th, 1998 at its plant in Goalpara, Khulna.

  • Plant Name: KPCL I
  • Loc: Khulna
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KPCL Unit II, a Furnace Oil (HFO) fired 115 MW power plant, has been built beside the existing Khulna

  • Plant Name: KPCL II
  • Loc: Khulna
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KPCL Unit III, previously known as Khan Jahan Ali Power Company Ltd. (KJAPCL), 

  • Plant Name: KPCL III
  • Loc: Jessore
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United Mymensingh Power Ltd. (UMPL)

We redefined “Quick” in a new way with UMPL. After signing Power Purchase Agreement (PPA)

  • Plant Name: United Mymensingh Power Ltd. (UMPL)
  • Loc: Jamalpur
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United Payra Power Ltd. (UPPL)

UPPL is our latest plant completed and in operation as of date of COD. It houses the latest state of the art RE from Watrsila-18V50.

  • Plant Name: United Payra Power Ltd. (UPPL)
  • Loc: Patuakhali
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