About us

United Weavers Group, started commercially in 1960 and industrially in 1990, consists of six companies:

  • United Weavers ( Tenth of Ramadan City )
  • Al-Ahram for Industrial Development ( Sadat City )
  • Al Mottahedon for yarn, fabrics and garments ( Cairo )
  • Egyprint ( Cairo )
  • Manhattan for Garments ( Tenth of Ramadan City )
  • Egyptian Textiles ( Tenth of Ramadan City )

The companies and Group’s factories integrate in harmony to provide all the market needs from high quality readymade garments, home textiles and fabrics that qualify us to have the confidence of a great sector of the Egyptian people as our products represent the ideal choice and competitive prices. Our workforce is more than 3,500 skilled workers and many experts in textiles and apparels cooperate and work together very hard to take out the best production by the machines and human creativity to cover all the needs and desires of our valued customers and achieve their satisfaction. We believe that our message is to perform our commitments to our customers in the first priority.

Our Vision:

Achieving the best level of high quality products at the best prices to suit everyone and satisfy the customers and to be in a prime location between the garments and textiles companies


Working to develop the performance level of the Group constantly to be the best textile and ready-made garments producer in Egypt .


Through our commitment to quality standards and keeping eye on developments in the textiles and fabrics worldwide the company was able to provide a variety of raw materials and fabrics that meet the needs of the domestic, Arab, African and European markets, which led to increase and diverse our customers locally and externally. Domestically, the Group owns a chain of 15 shops inside and outside Cairo that covers the geographical area of the most major cities. The stores are selling directly to the customers or through wholesalers and take into account that our products suit all the segments of the Egyptian society and meet the market’s needs and consumer’s expectations according to the marketing studies feedback. We take concrete steps to increase our customers’ base and satisfy them. Our products are exported to the most Arab markets such as Saudi Arabia – United Arab of Emirates – Jordan – Libya – Sudan – Algeria – Morocco, and to the African markets that located in Kenya, Nigeria. Our products also exist in the Turkish market, and we target to open new markets in Latin America and Russia and U.S.A.


Readymade Garments:

  • Women: Pajamas – Home Galabya – Abayas – underwear
  • Men: Training suites – T-shirts – cotton underwear – pullovers
  • Kids: Underwear – Pajamas – Pullovers

Home Textile:

Curtains – Bed Sheets Sets


Textiles – knitted fabrics – Printed and Dyed Fabrics


All the Companies are certified ISO 9001 . United Weavers and Al- Ahram for Industrial Development are registered in the QIZ agreement.

Foreign Agreement:

United Weavers and Al-Ahram for industrial development joined to the QIZ agreement which gives them a competitive advantage in exporting to the U.S. market

Phases of production:

United Weavers is a group of vertically integrated companies that depends on itself in all phases of the production from starting the spinning until final ready-made garments or home textiles . Here below the production phases in the company until it reaches the consumer:

  1. Spinning
  2. Weaving
  3. Dyeing
  4. Print
  5. Embroidery
  6. Sewing